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One Free Bottle

With any three or more 10 ml bottles of Genopathic® remedies purchased, on this web site per single invoice only.
This free product will automatically be dispatched with your order

Our Policy

Reducing Hours and Changes to Nevdon website

We have removed all tablets/supplements (ingestible and practitioners range) due to restraints and regulations. As a client if you wish to purchase any of these kinds of items in the future please make contact through either email or our website (via our contact page) Nevdon for ordering.

Health Help via our clinic or Website for (Existing)

Our policy to be classified as an Existing Client via our clinic or website

Our policy:
If you do not purchase Health Help within 12 months (our set point of contact period) you will No longer be an Existing Client.
You will no longer have access to book an appointment with Neville in the clinic and or have the Existing Client Service on our Website available to you.

Requirements of an existing client: “Point of contact”
You will be considered as an existing client if you have:
1. Previously purchased Health Help via our clinic service with hands on, phone and invoice, or our website AND
2. Continue contact with us via on-going purchases of Existing Client Health Help via clinic or invoice or our website within A 12 month period

Understanding the changes as an individual Entity
Over time you change
Your habits, diet, supplements, lifestyle and exercise and so within a period of time everything changes within you.
Due to environmental & diet changes that are rapidly affecting us all, we have had to draw a tighter line for Existing clients. Unfortunately there are a lot of people now fall outside this 12 months timing.
We have had this policy for some years as 12 months; we then made this 18 months, but now have had to enforce it firmly with 12 months.

Neville treats the whole entirety. Prevention is a better cure
The highest aim in healing is served by giving the entirety back to them selves.

Any questions please contact us.

Our Remedies on our Website are open to the public for purchase.

AN Existing Client: If you have not yet created an account on Nevdon

1. Create a new account on the Nevdon website by clicking on “Login/Register” at the top right hand corner of the Nevdon website. Under the “Create a New Account” heading, enter in your details to create a new account.

2. Send an email to with “Activation Please” as the email subject, and your account name in the body of the email so the team at Nevdon can activate the Existing Client Distant Help service for you. Once your activation has been processed you will receive a confirmation email.

3. Once you have received your activation confirmation email, you will be able to access existing client health help by clicking the “Login/Register” and use your log in details as created in step one, under the “If you already have an Activated Nevdon Account.

Please be aware, Existing Distant Help access will be closed if we have not had contact from you via the clinic or the Nevdon website after 12 months.

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